5 Key Metrics to Monitor Your Website’s Performance using Google Analytics – Part 3: Percentage of New Visits

Great to see that you are back for part 3 of our “5 Key Metrics to Monitor Your Website’s Performance using Google Analytics”!

In this episode of our series, we will take a quick look at another Google Analytics key metric called “Percentage of New Visits”.

Before we go deeper into this metric, let’s have a quick recap on Part 1, “Bounce Rate“, and Part 2, “Landing and Exit Pages“.

In both those posts, we have seen how both the Bounce Rate and Landing & Exit Pages can help determine your visitors’ interests and how you can use those data to make changes and further optimise your pages.

Percentage of New Visits

The “Percentage of New Visits” gives you valuable data but in a slightly different way.  This will tell you how well your website is attracting new visitors. It doesn’t matter if it is attracting visitors organically or through paid campaigns, this metric will show you how well your marketing efforts are working for you!

Then, you can determine your budgets and refocus your efforts on whichever way that yields the most results. However, the data from this metric can also help focus your fine-tuning on the landing page that attracts the most percentage of new visits!

So, with this key metric in mind, don’t forget to also check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our series, “Bounce Rate” and “Landing & Exit Pages” so that you can better understand how all of them can help you do wonders for your SEO efforts.

I will see you tomorrow for the exciting part 4 of our series, “Average Visit Duration/ Pages Per Visit“!

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Jasmine Batra
Jasmine Batra
Jasmine Batra is one of Australia’s most respected Digital Marketing Strategists and the co-founder and CEO of Arrow Digital. She draws from her practical experience on SEO, Social Media, Conversion Principles and Content marketing to drive business growth for her clients.