7 easy steps to search engine optimisation

Hire a high quality SEO Copywriter. Get him/her to write perusasive content with the right concept density. Yes, concept density and not keyword density because google […]

SEO for Flash Websites

Google has started crawling and indexing flash websites. The days of having to create hidden html pages to optimise flash websites are over. I remember when […]

Good News for website owners-Spamming is Dead

With the recent changes being made by Google, the importance of spammy links is diminishing. It is good to know that websites with spammy links are […]

Online Buying increasing while economy slows down

In a recent survey conducted by Visa e-commerce, nearly 80% of internet users in the Asia-Pacific Region say they spent an average of AUD $4500 in […]

Does your website have a Blog?

If you are familiar with Google, you would have seen that Blogs often appear on Page 1 results of search engines. Did you know that very […]

SEO Chosen as the no.1 Internet Marketing Method for Recession

In a recent survey of 400 small businesses, SEO has been selected as the no. 1 Internet Marketing Method for tough economic times. Reader’s were asked […]