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The Trust Factor

I was reading the latest issue of Readers Digest with the cover story on who do we trust? According to Dr Charlie Teo, neurosurgeon and founder of cure […]

7 Ways to Turbocharge your SEO in the Post Panda Era

Turbocharge your seo by adaping your strategies in the new way Google ranks websites!

Get Top Google Rankings using Social Media

If you thought SEO was all about  putting keywords in titles and content and building popularity by way of link building, think again. SEO is now […]

Google Algorithm – Off Page Changes

The new Google Algorithm will make life easier for SEO professionals who like to embrace change. It is an opportunity to innovate or perish.

Google Algorithm – On Page Changes

Whether it be named Panda or Penguin, the New Google algorithm is mainly about improving user experience. And if we forget about Google for a while, and just think about what makes a website relevant and engaging to end users, we have solved half the Google Puzzle. The remaining half is about coming up with natural ways to make our website popular, which can be a tricky one, but will be revealed in the next blog post ;)

How to create “Raving Fans” on Facebook

It doesn’t matter whether you have 50,000 fans on Facebook or 500, it matters whether they are engaged. The marketing strategy of social media advertising is […]

New Google Algorithm

The new Google algorithm is not against keyword research or use of keywords to rank highly. Infact, it encourages it. It is not against natural link building. Google itself encourages website owners and seo companies to create a buzz about it's brands on blogs, forums and social medis websites and getting endorsements by influential bloggers