How Rich Snippets Can Help Your Website Increase Conversion [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered why certain businesses get an image and/or star rating at the bottom of their listing on Google? Well, those tiny little additions […]

Understanding What Mobile Search Can do for your Business

As customers increasingly rely on their mobile phones to search for information, it is essential for businesses to consider and understand how mobile conversions occur. The […]

Re-branding a business and SEO

During the course of the life of a business, it continually reinvents itself. This may mean change of positioning, products and; sometimes this could involve rebranding. […]

Predicting SEO Trends for Google Glass

  If you’ve ever watched movies like Minority Report, Terminator 2, Iron Man or Robocop then you’ve certainly seen the main characters interacting with the world […]

Usability Guidelines and SEO for the technically minded

There are lot of websites, which rank top on Google or any search engine but not user friendly. You can optimise your website for search engines without ignoring the usability. Remember even in you are on Rank 1 of Google, Google does not buy from you. You need to appeal to the user.

What an amazing weekend at the Online Marketing Intensive!

Wow, it doesn’t feel like the start of the week at all today! I’m still filled with high spirits after the amazing two days that I’ve […]