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Telecommunications juggernaut Telstra was enjoying market domination as leading mobile phone, home phone and broadband internet provider, yet struggled to target fresh job seekers with their lackluster online presence.


Telstra was re-assessing their market position as an employer for youth, due to job application submissions by a younger demographic no longer hitting the mark. With a renewed focus on the youth market, they enlisted Arrow’s help for the purpose of strengthening their branding strategy. Their objective was to better position themselves as a popular employer in the mind of youth, and looked to us to devise a campaign that would amplify their volume of job applications.

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Arrow aimed to revitalise Telstra’s call centre image and formulated a concept and accompanying creatives for a campaign called “make that jump”. The basis of this was positioning Telstra call centres as funky and fun places to work by showcasing content on a newly developed microsite and promoting it across social media. The microsite platform was designed with conversion rate optimisation principles in mind and embedded with call-to-actions to facilitate the process for users and encourage a higher application submission rate. We recognised that the success of the campaign would hinge on relevancy to its audience and deployed astute demographic targeting to capture the intended audience with maximum impact.


Within 6 weeks of the campaign rollout and ahead of schedule, Telstra reported a noticeable increase in the volume of job applications for its call centre operations. The campaign proved successful in keeping Telstra top-of-mind for youth job-seekers by speaking their language and re-engaging them with the brand. The results demonstrated a positive shift in attitudes which elevated Telstra's status as an appealing employment option, and established a solid footing for the company to further build on its candidate pool.

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